Groupee was designed out of the desire to focus on life, not what it costs.

Back in 2016, we launched an app called Groupee to make restaurant bill splitting easier. This problem extends far beyond the restaurant table.

Paying with others is a fact of life in 2019 and it’s almost always a mess. We’ve gone and done something about it.

Groupee is the world’s first instant pay sharing platform. Free to join and accepted anywhere that takes Visa, Groupee is jam-packed with features to make paying together totally effortless.

We have revolutionised the way people are making payments in their day to day lives, because we ‘uncomplicate’, complicated payments.

Sign up and be ready to rock in under 3 minutes. Join our growing community today.

We were created by real people, for your world, so we actually get you and are passionate about improving the way you spend your money.

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